Sea Adventures

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Real Estate On The Rocks, With A Splash - Lincoln logs, brown interlocking pieces. The building blocks of hours of entertainment. Sand castles on the mud flats at low tide.  Green architecture with seashell driveways, clamshell windows, pebble porches.  I think it started way back then for me, the early 1960's.  The love of both the water and the desire to build something.   Lazy days pretending the dinghy full of holes abandoned on the sand was a large sailing vessel - full of bathing suit clad children roaming the high seas.  Jumping up and down to find the squirting clams and excavating down in the black mud until you dug deep enough to cut your fingers and hold up the prize your mother would steam for you for lunch.  

In those days your imagination drove you, entertained you, enriched you and allowed you to 'think outside of the box' before we had to start telling everyone to do it.  Zero hours a week spent on texting, computers and cell phones.  Rainy days were for indoor forts made of  furniture and blankets and evolved into outdoor forts in the way of treehouses and bent corn stalks.   The cottage in Marion was always the place to go.  Water was always the escape.  Swimming, boating, pretending, dreaming. Sunday family rides to Duxbury Beach in the off season and weekends and summers in Marion during the on season at my grandmother’s cottage with lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. Drop line fishing with hot dogs, bacon or whatever was in the fridge that would stay on the hook.  50 Years later I am still obsessed with the ocean and  have developed a love of anything to do with real estate and development. 

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